Semi Automatic Bandsaws

Semi automatic bandsaws make your sawing easier. They have hydraulic operation of the saw frame and the clamping vice. Place your metal in the vice and press the start button. Its that simple!

They might cost a bit more than a gravity feed bandsaw, but could save time, reduce bandsaw blade usage and make the user very happy….

We supply a wide range of semi automatic bandsaws from companies such as Carif, DoAll, EUROPA and Macc.

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Carif 260 BSA Bandsaw – Semi Automatic Sawing Machine UK

Carif 260 BSA Bandsaw is a top quality leader in the compact semi automatic sawing machine world. Carif have patented their hydraulic pressure controlled downfeed system and its a superior machine compared to all its competitors. Save effort, save time and protect the saw operator from having to lift the saw frame constantly.

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Europa 750DC Bandsaw -Double Mitre

Europa 750DC Bandsaw is a heavy duty semi automatic bandsaw for cutting of sections and steel beams. This machine is complete and capable of cutting angles up to 60º Left and Right. Inverter driven band speed make it possible to cut a wide range of materials.

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Carif 450 BSA Semi Automatic Metal Sawing Bandsaw

Carif 450 BSA Semi Automatic Sawing Machine for Industrial Metal Sawing. Heavy Duty high quality Italian made semi –automatic bandsaw for precision cutting of metals including stainless steels through to aluminium. Standard Features Robust steel base assembly with a powder coated finish Hardened aluminium alloy bow structure. Patented hydraulic system for fine regulation of the […]

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Carif 320 BSA Bandsaw – Semi Automatic Band Saws UK

Carif 320 BSA Bandsaw is the larger model from the Carif 260 BSA, but operates in exactly the same way. Top quality, highly functional metal cutting bandsaws from Italy.
We also have the Carif 320 Var-E model which has even more functionality with full variable blade speed and electronic height memory for the saw frame return. A truly fantastic metal sawing machine.

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Macc 391SV Semi Automatic Bandsaw UK

MACC 391SV Semi Automatic Bandsaw a high-capacity band saw controlled by a two-speed motor driving a reduction unit with hardened bronze gear and a ground worm screw. Vertical action controlled by linear guide.

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