Colchester Lathes have been designing and manufacturing high precision lathes since 1897, firstly in Colchester, Essex, but now at their factory in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire and have a proud and illustrious heritage in both manual lathe and CNC Turning Centre production.
Colchester have one of the most iconic ranges of centre lathes, in the world today – from the entry-level Student geared head lathe to the Master, Triumph, Mascot, Mastiff and Magnum variable speed centre lathes.
In the field of CNC turning centres, the Colchester Tornado also has a worldwide reputation for high quality, high precision production CNC machines in 2 and 3-axis variations.

Colchester Magnum 1250 Gap Bed Centre Lathe

Colchester Magnum 1250 Gap Bed Centre Lathe. Nice ex university machine complete with 2 axis DRO, 3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck, 2 steady rests, quick change tool post and tool holders, large faceplate, coolant system, splash guards, chuck guard and lighting.

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