Universal Milling

Universal Milling Machines: The Universal Mill is equipped with an adjustable table that allows the operator to swivel the table to a predefined angle. Available with a turret type spindle head or a horizontal spindle.

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Europa 6VHS Vertical & Horizontal Turret Milling Machine

The longitudinal travel of the table is transmitted through a gearbox, allowing the machine to perform heavy cutting with ease. The machine is equipped with an automatic lubricator, that delivers lubrication oil to all slideways and feed screws. A machine combining vertical and horizontal spindles in one for two operations.

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Europa 8UM Universal Milling Machines

EUROPA 8UM Universal Milling Machine with universal Bi-rotative head. Combining the features of universal, vertical and horizontal milling machines, the universal compound swivel head gives the advantage of being both suitable for conventional milling operations as well as handling more complex operations such as milling awkward to reach cavities.

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