CNC Bandsaws

CNC Bandsaw controlFully automated and CNC Bandsaws are the right machine when you have lots of repetitive cuts needed from 1 piece of material. Load the material, tell the bandsaw what length and how many, then start the cycle and let the sawing start. We offer CNC Automatic Bandsaws from  sawing manufacturers like TMJ, Carif and Macc, but have many more options available.

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FMB Zeus CN Automatic CNC Bandsaw UK

FMB Bandsaws have been made in Italy since 1982 and have a full range of quality bandsaw machines available. FMB Zeus CN Automatic CNC Bandsaw is a numerically controlled bandsaw with many industrial sawing features. This is a quality metal cutting saw fully supported in the UK.

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MACC Special 391 AV Automatic Bandsaw

Macc Special 391AV Automatic / CNC programmable bandsaw for straight cutting of accurate bar. Fully variable speed to cope with titanium through to aluminium. Short delivery time from Italy means you can be sawing metal with this industrial bandsaw very quickly.

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