Bench Drills

Bench drills.

Bench Drills UK

Bench drills give you a functional drilling station that can be placed on top of any work surface. We offer the range of Meddings and Arboga bench drills to cover gear head machines and the more conventional belt drive units.

Available in 240v single phase or 415v 3phase depending on model and size required.

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Education Meddings Compact Standard Drilling Machines UK

Machine for education and tertiary establishments. Ideal for lighter duty drilling work, the floor machine has table adjustment and the bench machine has a raise/lower head, using the base as the table. Adjustment by rack/pinion mechanism is standard. Both machines are supplied with a ‘mushroom’ style stop switch for fitting on installation via the standard no-volt/overload release starter.

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Education Meddings L1 Series Drilling Machines

Machine for education and tertiary establishments. Drilling capacity in Mild Steel 18mm. All machines are supplied complete with chuck guards. A versatile, high quality, easy to operate floor standing pillar drill, for precision drilling operations.

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Education Meddings Compact Variable Drill

Meddings Compact 13 Drill – variable speed drilling machines comes in bench drill or floor mounted pedestal drill. 230v single phase drilling machines with max 13mm capacity into mild steel (EN1A). Popular drilling machines for education facilities UK.

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Arboga A2608B Bench Mounted Gear Head Drilling Machines

Both the ARBOGA A2608B bench drills and the power-feed version A2608M are gearbox driven for increase drilling torque. Helical and steel gears ensure highest operational efficiencies for a more powerful drive mechanism and smooth operation. On the Arboga A2608BM model, once the set drill depth is reached, the spindle will automatically return to the starting point. The feed gearbox is fitted with automatic overload protection which intervenes if the drilling pressure is too high.

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