Boxford have been supplying precision 3D machinery for schools, colleges, universities and toolmakers all over the world for more than 70 years, and our proud that their experience and knowledge is helping some of the brightest young minds become the innovators and engineers of the future.

Boxford A3HSRi2 PC Controlled CNC Router

The BOXFORD A3HSRmi2 is a benchtop CNC router controlled via a PC, and is suitable for machining hardwoods, softwoods, manufactured boards, plastics and other synthetic materials. Enclosed in a single cabinet which also houses the integrated electronic controller, the router can be easily moved around the work space, particularly when paired with the optional cabinet base with casters.

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Boxford A1HSRi2 PC Controlled CNC Router

BOXFORD computer controlled routers combine state-of-the-art technology with precision engineering to cut and create components in a variety of materials, from wood and plastic to aluminium and other metals. The A1HSRi2, Floor standing Large free-standing router, suitable for machining both soft and hard wood, plastics and other synthetic materials. It can be installed through a standard doorway and, when equipped with optional removable vacuum table and pump, can be used for machining full-sized furniture and large 3D work.

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