Fabrication and sheetmetal bending machines, are often referred to as Folding machines for conventional operations and Pressbrakes where more complex bending is required. Bending lengths are available from x to 10,000mm.
We supply Danish manufacturer HM Machinery group products, and
HACO, the leading machine tool manufacturer based in Belgium produces several ranges of CNC pressbrakes from the affordable Atlantic Blue Series with 40ton capacity to, high productivity, more-axes PressMaster series. HACO high capacity HDSY allow tandem machine configurations upto 1200t. Often available with ROBOT bending for increased productivity, quality and speed.

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Haco EuroMaster S Pressbrake

The HACO EUROMASTER S is a High-End Synchro Pressbrake which features excellent bending angle precision. It is a more-axes CNC pressbrake with electronically controlled beam parallelism and depth-stop setting. Equipped with a powerful 2D/3D graphic CNC control with automatic bending sequence calculation, back gauge systems, tooling choice and safety equipment make the EUROMASTER S pressbrake the most complete offer in the market.

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Haco High Capacity HDSY Pressbrakes

A custom designed press brake starting at 400T up to 1.200T HACO build custom designed press brakes starting at 400T up to 1,200T. We also design tandem and even tridem press brakes to bend very long sheets, e.g.: light pole forming or modular buildings bases. Our frame is a rigid bolted construction, stress relieved and […]

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Haco PressMaster Pressbrake

The HACO Pressmaster is a more-axes CNC pressbrake with electronically controlled beam parallelism and depth-stop setting. The combination of our 2D/3D-graphic CNC control with automatic generation of the bending program, our backgauge system and the increased daylight opening makes the PRESSMASTER the most versatile press brake on the market. Machine options include 5 & 6 Axes backgauge systems, Robot loading / unloading and SyncView.

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HM Machinery MB S Series Folding Machines, Segmented Blade

Hand-operated, manual folders with segments: With interchangeable clamping beams, the MB S range of hand-operated manual folders offer capacities between 650 – 2000mm, with either upright clamp beams, for tall narrow sections, sharp nose blade for wider sections, or segmented beams for box & pan work.

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