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Haco PressMaster Pressbrake

The HACO Pressmaster is a more-axes CNC pressbrake with electronically controlled beam parallelism and depth-stop setting. The combination of our 2D/3D-graphic CNC control with automatic generation of the bending program, our backgauge system and the increased daylight opening makes the PRESSMASTER the most versatile press brake on the market. Machine options include 5 & 6 Axes backgauge systems, Robot loading / unloading and SyncView.

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Haco Blue Line ATP Pressbrakes

The combination of Haco in house, Belgian design and manufactured operator controls and low cost machine manufacturing process in our new factory in the far east, allows us to produce machinery that is more competitive in price and has a higher level of technology and reliability than its competitors.

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Haco High Capacity HDSY Pressbrakes

Specification   Bending length 1050mm Pre bending length 0.6mm Maximum thickness 0.8mm Top roll diameter 46mm Length 1300mm Height 1100mm Width 700mm Weight 240kg   Features Top roll to slip Cast iron body Manual pinching of bottom roll options Manually adjusted side roll for up and down translation Cone bending  

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Morgan Rushworth Manual Bending Rolls, Model DBR 1050/46

The Morgan Rushworth DBR Manual Bending Rolls are available in bending capacities from 0.8mm – 2.0mm material thickness and in various lengths up to 2050mm. The asymmetric design provides pre-bending capability on the machine, using the quick action lever provided. The top slip roll allows removal of cylindrical components.

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HM Machinery MB S Series Folding Machines, Segmented Blade

Hand-operated, manual folders with segments: With interchangeable clamping beams, the MB range of hand-operated manual folders offer capacities between 650 – 2000mm, with either upright clamp beams, for tall narrow sections, sharp nose blade for wider sections, or segmented beams for box & pan work.

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Haco EuroMaster S Pressbrake

The HACO EUROMASTER S is a High-End Synchro Pressbrake which features excellent bending angle precision. It is a more-axes CNC pressbrake with electronically controlled beam parallelism and depth-stop setting. Equipped with a powerful 2D/3D graphic CNC control with automatic bending sequence calculation, back gauge systems, tooling choice and safety equipment make the EUROMASTER S pressbrake the most complete offer in the market.

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