Surface – reciprical table

Surface grinding is used to produce a fine, smooth accurate finish on a wide range of materials.

Perfect PFG D4080 Surface GrinderPERFECT and DELTA surface grinders with repricating tables are available from 150 x 450mm (6“ x 18”) to 1600 x 6000mm (63” x 236”) grinding capacities with conventional, semi-automatic PLC and CNC models.

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Perfect PFG-50200, PFG-60200, PFG-70200 ADP Series Column Type Surface Grinders

Choose from 500 / 600 or 700 x 2000mm grinding capacities are available on the PERFECT Surface grinder with the latest ADP series of NC surface grinders. Stepless Variable Proportional Valve Hydraulic System on the X axis: allows feed adjustment according to the workpiece type for increased convenience of operation. Y & Z axes driven by AC servo motor and MPG handwheel. Inverter controlled spindle motor with variable speed.

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Perfect PFG-120600 AHD & PFG-160600 AHD Series Double Column Type Surface Grinders

With an exceptional grinding capacity of 1200/1600 x 6000mm, This range PERFECT double column surface grinder is designed with a slant beam construction. This provides outstanding load distribution on the entire beam surface, assuring maximum stability during heavy’ duty grinding. The beam surface Is equipped with two heavy duty linear guide ways with a great span for extra smooth movement and high rigidity.

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Delta Model Maxi 2000 / 750 Travelling Column Surface Grinder

Travelling column with stabilised Meehanite cast iron structure. All the machine axes feature full grip hydrostatic slideways along the entire travel. The spindle line has a Mackensen hydrodynamic bearing on the front and a pair of pre-loaded precision ball bearings on the rear. DELTA MAXI Series travelling column grinding machines are available in 9 models with grindable surfaces from 1200 x 750mm to 3000 x 1100mm with 2 different levels of automation: – NC or CNC.

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Perfect PFG-D4080 AH Saddle Type Surface Grinder

Perfect PFG D4080 Surface Grinder. Saddle type surface grinder specialist supply in Kent, UK. – Perfectly built to optimise grinding and accuracy efficiency. Auto cross with hydraulic longitudinal. Manual vertical axis. Table longitudinal travel by sensor and solenoid valve. Continuous lubrication.

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Perfect PFG-1545 Series Saddle Type Horizontal Spindle Surface Grinders

PERFECT grinders are manufactured from high quality cast iron combined with an outstanding structural design. Major parts are stress relieved to ensure maximum rigidity, stability and machining accuracy. The X and Z axes slideways on the AH Series are coated with Turcite-B for stable movement and long term accuracy. Machine for education and tertiary establishments.

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