ACM Bandsaws

ACM Bandsaws.

ACM BS 940 LL BandsawACM has been producing a wide range of woodworking machine tools from its factory in Novellara, Italy, for over 35 years now.

The leading products in the range are beam saws, traditional bandsaws and special bandsaws for one off projects. Their main focus being woodworking. In addition, the company produces surface treatment machines and for some years now all its experience has been channeled into the production of equipment for cutting and machining various materials and horizontal beam saws.

ACM made a large range of Startrite Bandsaws like the 352E, 401E, 401S, 581S,681S and 901S machines. They are also a key manufacturer supplier of education bandsaws for a number of re-seller own brands.

ACM 440 Education Bandsaw

New range of education Bandsaws from Italy ACM 440 Education Bandsaw, the most popular of 3 sizes available. A new series of bandsaw, designed to give technicians and students alike maximum security combined with the traditional quality of an Italian manufactured ACM bandsaw. Space Age Laguna Ceramic Upper And Lower Roller Blade Guides Self Releasing […]

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ACM BS-LL Bandsaw Range

ACM BS LL Bandsaws come in a good range of sizes and are designed to cut non ferrous metals and plastics. Ideally suited to cut aluminium risers and general work with castings. As these machines have crowned bandwheels that are not covered with vulcanized rubber compound, these machines are the perfect choice for cutting plastics that would normally get embedded in the rubber wheels and cause long term running problems.

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ACM BS640 Industrial Bandsaw

A classic woodworking band saw offering a 640mm wheel. Heavy duty bandsaws which have easy blade change and many other options available. Great capacities and spec for a general woodworking machine.

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