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We offer a wide range of industrial saw solutions to cope with most applications in the UK. Bandsaws are the more common industrial type of saw due to their capacity / cost ratio, and these come in various shapes and sizes.

Manual pull down bandsaws: Used for quick cutting on smaller sections such and angle, tube and box.
Gravity feed: These are the most common machine with a hydraulic cylinder to control the saw frame lowering speed.
Semi-Automatic: A more expensive machine than the gravity feed due to its ability to hydraulically clamp the work piece and then raise the saw frame back up after the cut has completed.
Automatic / CNC Bandsaws: these are for production environments where batches of cut pieces are required. Tell the saw how many and what length, and let it do its job!

Horizontal Bandsaws Vertical Bandsaws Circular Saws Education


We offer machine from quality industrial saw manufacturers such as: Macc, Carif, DoALL, FMB, EUROPA, Kasto, IMAS and Gemma Group.


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