For cutting of sheet material, the guillotine offers a quick, clean cut. From HM Machinery, manually operated lever, foot or treadle or mechanically powered models to HACO production orientated models driven by hydraulics for a speed and repeat-ability advantage. Production enhancements include automatic bade gap adjustment, adjustable rake angle along with automated feeding, conveying and stacking systems,

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Haco TS & TSX Shearing Machines

The most budget friendly machines in our shearing line: HACO TS guillotines are the most budget friendly machines in our shearing line. Capacities range from 6mm x 2050mm to 12mm x 3050mm. The TS machines are guillotine type shears. HACO TSX models feature Auto Blade Gap adjustment.

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Haco ATS 4016 Atlantic Blue Line Swingbeam Shears

Haco has perfected the ability to deliver heavy duty shears. The Innovative design and box-type ram structure guarantee an improved stability and a greater accuracy. ATS swing beam shears offer excellent cutting results and minimal deformation on small strips. Machines available with capacity up to 16mm and 4m cutting length.   Specification Working length 4000mm […]

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