Vertical Bandsaws

Vertical bandsaws with their continuous bandsaw blade make them an ideal machine from complex shape sawing through to a simple stock removal operation. Variable speed models offer a more accurate cut with the correct blade speed being selected, reducing tooling costs. Available for metal cutting on steel (ferrous) and non ferrous applications depending on the blade speed.

We have a wide range of  bandsaws for the education sector as well. These cover woodwork / joinery as well as workshop applications. Europa Bandsaws, DoAll Bandsaws and ACM Bandsaws are all dealt with.

Need something special? Powered tables or modified machines for special applications? Call us as we have many years provided sawing machinery for special purposes in the UK.

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EUROPA Astro V500 Vertical Contour Bandsaw for metals

EUROPA Astro V500 Vertical Bandsaw – contour sawing machines for metals. The V500 model has a 508mm throat and can clear 330mm under the guides. Variable blade speed from 15-1500 m/min allows cutting of metals right through to plastics or wood. Industrial vertical bandsaws are very useful machines for any workshop environment.

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ACM BS-LL Bandsaw Range

ACM BS LL Bandsaws come in a good range of sizes and are designed to cut non ferrous metals and plastics. Ideally suited to cut aluminium risers and general work with castings. As these machines have crowned bandwheels that are not covered with vulcanized rubber compound, these machines are the perfect choice for cutting plastics that would normally get embedded in the rubber wheels and cause long term running problems.

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EUROPA Astro V900 Vertical Bandsaw

EUROPA Astro V900 Vertical Bandsaw is a metal cutting bandsaw with an optional feeding table (V3E model) where you can clamp your work to the table and start the machine. Let the bandsaw table automatically feed the work through the exposed bandsaw blade for you.
Great range of bandsaws distributed by DoAll Europa.

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Europa 2013 V Vertical Bandsaws

Europa 2013 V Vertical Bandsaw. High quality, inverter controlled industrial bandsaw for cutting all materials. Dynamic braking for a fast shutdown of the drive motors. Various blade options are available depending on blade speed applications and metals or composites be cut. Safe braking systems to comply with CE.

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ACM BS640 Industrial Bandsaw

A classic woodworking band saw offering a 640mm wheel. Heavy duty bandsaws which have easy blade change and many other options available. Great capacities and spec for a general woodworking machine.

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EUROPA Astro V660 Vertical Contour Bandsaw for metals

EUROPA Astro V6660 Vertical Contour Bandsaw for metals through to wood or plastic. This industrial vertical bandsaw is the best toolroom machine available. It is equipped with many options as standard and has a variable speed inverter drive to give the correct blade speeds for many different materials.

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ACM 440 Education Bandsaw

New range of education Bandsaws from Italy ACM 440 Education Bandsaw, the most popular of 3 sizes available. A new series of bandsaw, designed to give technicians and students alike maximum security combined with the traditional quality of an Italian manufactured ACM bandsaw. Space Age Laguna Ceramic Upper And Lower Roller Blade Guides Self Releasing […]

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