Horizontal Bandsaws


Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic horizontal bandsaws allow for unmanned sawing of stock material. Pivot action and larger capacity, dual column machines are available. For structural steel type applications, a mitring head bandsaw allows the head to swivel rather than the material resulting in a reduced machine footprint.

We have a full range of Europa Bandsaws for education, together with new Macc Saws UK products and a good selection of used bandsaws in our Kent showroom.

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MACC Special 391 AV Automatic Bandsaw

Macc Special 391AV Automatic / CNC programmable bandsaw for straight cutting of accurate bar. Fully variable speed to cope with titanium through to aluminium. Short delivery time from Italy means you can be sawing metal with this industrial bandsaw very quickly.

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MACC Special 330 M Manual Double Mitre Bandsaw

MACC Special 330 M is a double mitre bandsaw of industrial quality. Mainly used for metal sawing of tubes, sections and some solids. The basic characteristics of the machine, such as rigidity of the blade support, flywheel dimensions, band guides, and band tension, have been thoroughly studied to avoid yielding of the band, increase its durability, and improve linearity and time of cutting.

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Europa 750DC Bandsaw -Double Mitre

Europa 750DC Bandsaw is a heavy duty semi automatic bandsaw for cutting of sections and steel beams. This machine is complete and capable of cutting angles up to 60º Left and Right. Inverter driven band speed make it possible to cut a wide range of materials.

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MACC Special 330 CSO Gravity Feed Double Mitre Bandsaw

MACC Special 330 CSO is a double mitre metal cutting bandsaw for industrial applications. Ideally suited for general metal fabricators that need flexibility with sawing and have a range of products cut daily. This Macc bandsaw is a heavy duty metal saw, made in Italy and supplied to the UK for over 35 years.

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