Carif 260 BSA Bandsaw – Semi Automatic Sawing Machine UK


Carif 260 BSA Bandsaw is a top quality leader in the compact semi automatic sawing machine world. Carif have patented their hydraulic pressure controlled downfeed system and its a superior machine compared to all its competitors. Save effort, save time and protect the saw operator from having to lift the saw frame constantly.


Carif 260 BSA Bandsaw is a reliable premium semi automatic sawing machine made in Italy.

Carif have made sawing machines since 1948, and have a practical range of high quality bandsaws which cover 3 sizes in both semi automatic and CNC fully automatic.

Simple operation simply press the start button and the saw vice will close, the already running bandsaw will then start a controlled decent through the workpiece. This speed can be altered as well as the hydraulic sawing or cuttting pressure applied. Watch the video below for more information on Carif's patented feed system.


Standard Features
Robust basement structure in steel powder painted with bright and smooth finishing
Bow structure in special aluminium alloy hardened
Patented hydraulic system for a fine regulation of bow feed and cutting pressure
Blade motor 1,4kW; 400V, 33-66m/1’
Mitre cutting -45 degrees/+60degrees; bow rotation through conical bearings independent from the plans for piece support
Electrical cabinet easily movable for the best ergonomics
Wide plans for piece support for a comfortable and practical cutting area
Complete coolant equipment of 50lt tank with electro pump 3ph, 0,1kW inside the basement
Measuring device L=500mm with height regulation
·            Large chips/swarf container for easy cleaning
·            Bimetal blade M42 3025 x 27 x 0,9mm cardboard box + pallet, service wrenches, instruction manual and spare parts list.


Air/oil lubrication system, 2 elements
Digital angle display
Laser-line for positioning
Hydraulic device for vertical clamping of bars
Working light LED

Carif 260 BSA Bandsaw. The highest quality, most compact semi automatic bandsaw available.



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