MACC Special 420 DI Semi-Automatic


MACC Special 420 DI is a heavy duty bandsaw with double mitre swing head design. Used to cut heavy structural sections, beams, box and solid bars with accuracy. Made in Italy.

Macc Special 420DI Double Mitre Bandsaw UK

Highly efficient semi automatic bandsaw machine with excellent cutting accuracy, used to cut heavy box/sections and bars.  Its sturdy structure provides the machine with the required rigidity and cutting unit accuracy.


Cutting thickness 1,5mm
Cutting range 60°left 60°right
Motor hydraulic gear case 0,37 kW
Electro pump for band cooling 0,09 kW
Vice Jaws height 200mm
Vice Jaws length 185mm
Bed height 760 mm
Machine weight 820 kg
Adjustable stop for cuts of the same size
Blade cleaning device with brush



High-capacity band control by two-speed motor and special reducer with bronze gear and tempered worm screw
Appropriately dimension flywheels
Strong blade guides with tight stress-raiser bearings and adjustable carbide tips
Band stretching is obtained by electro-mechanical blade tensioner with micro switch for blade rotation
Safety device on the flywheel casing and on the blade

Heavy Duty mitre cutting bandsaw for sawing of steel sections

Macc Special 420 DI Mitre Bandsaw UK


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