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We have a massive range of Grinding, Honing and Surface Finishing Machinery. We are specialist grinding machine suppliers in the UK and cover a huge range of surface grinding machines, rotary table surface grinding, cylindrical grinding machinery and centreless grinding.

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Perfect PFG50200 -70200 ADP Series Column Type Surface Grinders

Choose from 500 / 600 or 700 x 2000mm grinding capacities are available on the PERFECT Surface grinder with the latest ADP series of NC surface grinders. Stepless Variable Proportional Valve Hydraulic System on the X axis: allows feed adjustment according to the workpiece type for increased convenience of operation. Y & Z axes driven by AC servo motor and MPG handwheel. Inverter controlled spindle motor with variable speed.

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Europa Jainnher JHC 18AS Centerless Grinding Machine

The next model up from the JHC 18S, this machine has a 255mm wide grinding wheel on this model with a 455mm diameter allows for components to be ground from 1 to 50mm with a standard workrest and 40 to 100mm with a special workrest. The EUROPA Jainnhers grinding wheel spindle runs on hydrostatic bearings with a high-pressure oil film for added precision under heavy loads A servo motor provides control of speeds from 10 to 250rpm and is used for the regulating wheel, which can be adjusted to ideal linear speeds. When the diameter of the regulating wheel changes the same linear speeds can still be maintained so as grind the best quality products

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Delta Model LB 300 Plane Surface Grinding Machine

Vertical axis grinding machines from DELTA. Easy to use and highly reliable. Cast iron column mounted on adjustable taper roller bearings and a motor of 2.2kW allow precise grinding of surfaces upto 140 x 330mm. The quick vertical feed is obtained by rotating a graduated handwheel which by acting on a spiral toothing, permits feed of 2mm per revolution.

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RJH Gryphon INDGR Series Double Ended Grinders

The GRYPHON Double-Ended Grinder has been designed to meet strict performance and safety criteria, and is ideal for intermittent use in a workshop environment. The Gryphon complies with UK COSHH regulations and with the European Machinery Directive.

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Perfect PFG-120600 AHD & PFG-160600 AHD Series Double Column Type Surface Grinders

With an exceptional grinding capacity of 1200/1600 x 6000mm, This range PERFECT double column surface grinder is designed with a slant beam construction. This provides outstanding load distribution on the entire beam surface, assuring maximum stability during heavy’ duty grinding. The beam surface Is equipped with two heavy duty linear guide ways with a great span for extra smooth movement and high rigidity.

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Jainnher CNC Plunge Cylindrical Grinding Machine Model JHP-2003CNC

With a grinding dia of 200mm x 300mm long, the JHP=2003CNC is the most compact plunge type grinding machine in the range and utilises the FANUC Oi-TF CNC control. Designed for heavier grinding applications, the JHP-2003CNC can accomadate workholding and components to 80kgs. This fully enclosed machine is supplied with Renishaw probing, full machine enclosure and mist collector.

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KEF PSD10 Heavy Duty Double Ended Grinders – Braked

The KEF Double-Ended Grinder is a robust machine that is suitable for continuous production. The double-ended design allows wheels of different grits or materials to be mounted on each end, permitting two operations to be performed sequentially on the same component without having to change wheels or move to another machine.

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