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For todays demanding milling operations, the EUROPA Centurion series of Ram Type Milling machines provides exceptional performance. A heavy duty, ISO.50 taper on the bi-rotative milling allows upto five faces to machined in a single set-up (when using a rotary table). A table working load of 1800Kg allows the heaviest of workpiece to be machined whilst DC servo feed drives on all axes via fully covered, recircualting ballscrews give infinitely variable feeds.

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EUROPA MU-50 Series Ram Type Milling Machine

A Bi-rotative, ISO.50 taper milling head offers 360 degrees of rotation. Simultaneous axis movements controlled by servo drives in all three linear axes along with pre-loaded ballscrews ensure the MU-50 Series with upto 1500mm X axis travels accommodates the largest of components.

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