Eurospark is a specialist provider of Spark Erosion products. EDM is unlike other cutting disciplines and our experience gained over many years enable us to offer a comprehensive machine supply service covering – sink spark erosion machines – wire erosion machines-broken tap removers and EDM drilling machines.

Eurospark 530K CNC EDM Hole Drilling Machine

Easy to use – minimal user inputs to load cutting data and create CNC programs. CNC models with a range of features at a similar price to a manual machine. High quality level of build – comes with 0.3mm – 6.0mm electrode diameter as standard.

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Eurospark 510 CNC EDM Hole Drilling Machine

Affordable like a manual machine but full CNC features except for ATC. User friendly design. Convenient rotating controller unit. Dual moving sub guides for stable rotation. Auto thickness verifying system ~ no need to wait until breaking through at the first hole.

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