Eurospark 510 CNC EDM Hole Drilling Machine


Affordable like a manual machine but full CNC features except for ATC. User friendly design. Convenient rotating controller unit. Dual moving sub guides for stable rotation. Auto thickness verifying system ~ no need to wait until breaking through at the first hole.


Eurospark NSD 510 CNC EDM
 Worktable size 500 x 500mm (Granite)
 Travel X, Y & Z 510 x 300 x 250mm
 Head travel 640mm
 Usable electrode diameter 0.1 - 3.0mm (Option 6mm)
 Usable electrode length 200 - 500mm
 Maximum workpiece weight  100kgs
 Machine weight  900kgs
 Max. allowable current  30amps
 Ion exchange system with sensor Included
 Water tank 70 litre
 Outside dimensions:  W x D x H 1390 x 1320 x 2200mm

Eurospark 510 CNC EDM

Machine equipped with:-

 CNC Control
 Windows 7 Based CNC Control
 17" colour monitor
 USB/LAN and internet
 Absolute and incremental
 On screen graphics
 Advanced CAD loading system
 Auto wear monitoring
Auto breakthrough monitoring
Tool box
Bed blocks (60 * 30mm)
Oil gauge for pump
Splash guard (pre-installed)
LED light
Electrode 0.8mm
Guide 0.8mm
Drill chuck collets (upto 2mm)
Rubber sealing rings
 Ion exchange resing
 EDM filter
 Micro filter (5μm)
Spare fuses
Spare screws

Eurospark 510 CNC EDM Machine

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