KEF is part of the Scantool / HM Machinery Group. Producing many high quality products for the metal fabrication machinery industry.

Established since 1910 in Demark, KEF Motor became part of the Scantool Group in 1988.

KEF PSD 10 Heavy Duty Grinding Machine

An efficient and powerful 3,0 HP motor that does not need downtime for cooling. Quality balanced grinding wheels in closed guards with adjustable spark arrestors and eye shields along with heavy cast iron tool rests.

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KEF Slibette 8NB Double Ended Grinder

The only powerful motor unit in the market, single phase or three phases, designed for continuous operations. The grinding wheels are accurately balanced – mounted in protected dust-proof sealed ball bearings, – low noise and vibration level.

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KEF PSD 5 with Drill Grinding Attachment

KEF drill grinding attachments are based on a well-proven grinding method which always results in flawless and accurately ground drill points.
KEF attachments are pre-set for grinding twist drills, for drilling in steel and iron, with point angle 116-118 degrees and clearance angle 6-8 degrees.

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KEF PSD 5 Heavy Duty Bench Grinding Machine

PSD 5 double-ended grinder from KEF is the perfect grinding machine for those who are looking for a powerful grinder that is capable of handling typical tasks and at the same time helps maintain a healthy working environment by emitting low levels of mechanical and electrical noise.

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KEF PSD10 Heavy Duty Double Ended Grinders – Braked

The KEF Double-Ended Grinder is a robust machine that is suitable for continuous production. The double-ended design allows wheels of different grits or materials to be mounted on each end, permitting two operations to be performed sequentially on the same component without having to change wheels or move to another machine.

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