Iberdrill Ibarmia A40Drilling Machines

These come in all shapes and sizes. We offer Meddings, Iberdrill, Ibarmia, Strands, Arboga, Rosenfors  and Clausing machines.

Starting with smaller bench mounted machines, we go to gear head floor standing pedestal machines and then further to the huge radial arm drills.

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Flott SB 30 Plus Drilling Machine

SPECIFICATION Drilling capacity / normal drilling performance (mm) R1: 27/32 (in E335 / ST60) (100) R2: 25/30 (in E335 / ST60) (70) R3: 30/35 (in E335 / ST60) (200) Thread cutting performance max. (Depends on gradient) R1: M24x3 R2: M20x2.5 R3: M30x3.5 Spindle MK III Drilling depth 125mm Distance column spindle 300mm Column diameter (mm) […]

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Clausing CL720A Radial Drills

The CLAUSINGG CL720A has a 50mm cast iron drilling capacity (32mm in steel). With a spindle head travel of 530mm, this compact #4 morse taper radial drill base takes up a floorp space of 1260 x 640mm.

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Clausing CL1250H Radial Drills

CLAUSING CL1250H equipped with a separate hydraulic clamping unit, the vertical movement of the arm with a 890mm spindle travel, is co-ordinated by an IC timer. With a single touch of the ‘on’ button, you can have the arm unclamped, moved vertically or stop and automatically clamp. the powerful 5Hp, dual speed spindle performs drilling capacity to 60mm in cast iron, 50mm in steel.

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Clausing CL1100 Radial Drills

CLAUSING drills with a high quality cast iron arm with heat treated and ground slides for smooth and accurate head positioning. With a spindle head travel of 820mm, the powerful 3hp, 2 speed heavy duty spindle has a drilling capacity of 55mm in cast iron / 42mm in mild steel.

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Arboga A3808 Series Drilling Machines

The ARBOGA A3808 pedestal / floor mounted drilling machine features a 35mm drilling capacity with a gearbox spindle drive for increased drilling torque. An adjustable table and drill head can be raised and lowered along with 360° rotation around the drill column.

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New Flott SB 20 Plus Column Drilling Machine

New Flott SB 20 Plus Drilling Machine, Threading device
Control panel with OLED display
Robust, high-quality drill head hood with ergonomically inclined front
LED lighting, Drill protection with electric head, MKII Spindle, Spindle Speeds infinitely variable (1/min) 40 – 4,000, Digital Speed indicator, Manual feedrate, Table Height Adjustment with rack.

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