Perfect Surface Grinding Machines.

The NEW PERFECT X CNC Series receives a EUROPEAN debut at EMOPerfect offer a huge range of surface grinding machines from the PFG1545 with a 150 x 450mm capacity, up to the double column type surface grinders that have capacity to cover 1600mm x 6000mm.

They also make the PFG-R range of rotary table surface grinders.

Machines are available in manual form, with ADP control, PLC and CNC options using Siemens control

Perfect DT Series Surface Grinders

NEW Perfect DT Series of machines with the touch screen display and easy to use interface. Automatic NC controlled downfeed operation with spark out. Plunge grinding, criss-cross grinding and surface grinding. Available on conventional surface grinders and rotary table (ring grinders).

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Perfect PFG50200 -70200 ADP Series Column Type Surface Grinders

Choose from 500 / 600 or 700 x 2000mm grinding capacities are available on the PERFECT Surface grinder with the latest ADP series of NC surface grinders. Stepless Variable Proportional Valve Hydraulic System on the X axis: allows feed adjustment according to the workpiece type for increased convenience of operation. Y & Z axes driven by AC servo motor and MPG handwheel. Inverter controlled spindle motor with variable speed.

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Perfect PFG-50100, PFG-60100, PFG-70100 ADP Series Column Type Surface Grinders

ADP High Precision NC Surface Grinders. Simple operation. 10″ LCD touchscreen (PLC Controller). Variable table speed control. Joystick setting and X & Z axes. The X axis is driven by Stepless Variable Proportional Valve Hydraulic System, allowing for feed speed adjustment according to the workpiece type & material for increased convenience. Grinding Modes: Surface, Crisscross, plunge & pitch (same pitch & same depth).

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Perfect PFG-120600 AHD & PFG-160600 AHD Series Double Column Type Surface Grinders

With an exceptional grinding capacity of 1200/1600 x 6000mm, This range PERFECT double column surface grinder is designed with a slant beam construction. This provides outstanding load distribution on the entire beam surface, assuring maximum stability during heavy’ duty grinding. The beam surface Is equipped with two heavy duty linear guide ways with a great span for extra smooth movement and high rigidity.

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