Punching Machines.

From single station machines to the latest advance in CNC machines with high speed, servo hydraulic punching heads with 20 Station Automatic Bi-directional Tool Changer with 360° auto indexable tools.
Manufactured in the UK, Kingsland machines are available in single, triple station models along with multi-process, punch and drilling models for structural steel applications.
CNC punching machinery from HACO, In an ever more demanding market where turnarounds need to be shorter, deliveries faster, part quality higher and of course costs lower, Haco offers you innovative and versatile punching solutions. The latest generation, Q series CNC range help you to reduce not only your punching costs but also the price of your final product.

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Kingsland 50P Hydraulic Punching Machine

The KINGSLAND 50P is developed for maximum production purposes and efficiency. Wide applications – for large hole punching, crimping, tube notching, bar bending, sheet bending, punch press applications. Interchangeable bearings, seals and valves readily available.

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Haco Q5 CNC Punching Machine

The Haco Series Q5 CNC punching machines convert your workshop into one with the highest productivity and flexibility that can be achieved with a CNC sheet metal machine. With 22 or 30 tons high speed servo hydraulic punching head, rotation axis for all tools, and standard interpolation parameters, the Haco Q5 series is the perfect and most flexible CNC punch press. The large fully-brushed sheet support tables and the standard repositioning cylinders, allow for standard sheet sizes to be processed easily.

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Haco Model ATT 30-1525 Atlantic Blue Line Punching Machines

Punching Solutions both in Performance and Price Range: By offering the choice between the well known HACO Q-Series machines and the ATT-series classical thick-turret style, HACO offers a full range of punching solutions both in performance and price. The ATT30-1525 offers a sheet size of 1500 x 2500mm with a maximum sheet thickness of 6.35mm.

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