Circular Saws

The pivot action circular saws are the commonly used ‘chop saw’ like the old Pedrazzoli Brown , or for increased machine robustness, opting for column action circular cut off saws allow for the fast clamping and sawing of smaller stock material in both solid, structural and pipe work.

We also sell fully automated circular sawing machines from Macc.

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Macc 350S Semi Automatic Circular Saw

Macc New 350S Semi automatic circular saw for industrial sawing of steels, stainless steels, plastics and aluminium. Available with optional foot pedal control and 20/40 rpm motor. UK stock of industrial chop saws.

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Macc New 300E Circular Saw

Macc New 300E Circular saws uk. These Macc saws have been offered in the UK for over 30 years. Hi Quality Industrial Chop Saws UK Supplied. Machine is priced with the steel pedestal unit as shown.

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Macc New 250DV Circular Saw UK

Macc New 250DV is the latest compact steel cutting circular saw from Italy. It has single mitre to 45 degrees and a flood coolant system. Also available is the optional pedestal to floor mount the machine.

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MACC TA400 Manual Aluminium Circular Saw

MACC TA400 Manual Circular Saw for cutting solids or section made of aluminium or light alloys. This is an industrial non ferrous saw with full mitre capability giving the fasted cuts with the best surface finish available. This saw uses a 400mm Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) blade.

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MACC TA400A Fully Automatic Circular Saw – Aluminium

Fully automatic circular saw for cutting of solids or sections made of aluminium or light alloys. If you have loads of parts that you need to automate the sawing of, then this is the machine! Simple tell is the quantity required, set the lengths required, and then walk away. It will saw that quantity of parts unless it runs out of material first.

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MACC NTM 350 Vertical Saw

MACC NTM 350 Vertical Saw with movable head 45 degrees right and 60 degrees left. The NTM is a vertical action circular saw for industrial use. Ideal for heavy metal sawing applications with accurate results.

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Macc NTM 350 S Semi Automatic Circular Saw

Macc NTM350S Semi automatic vertical action circular saw Machine Features Movable head 45° right and 60° left Head rotation stops 45° – 0° – 45° – 60° Vice complete with anti-burr device Motor pump for blade lubrification Shave breaker to keep the blade cleaned Adjustable stops for head vertical stroke 1m long bar stop 1m […]

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