HACO offers fixed and variable angle notching machines with different capacities -sheets to 6 mm thick and angles from 30” to 140” – for fast and precise cutting action. And these machines are ready to use: just plug it in and it is fully operational.

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Haco Combi 220/6 Variable Angle Hydraulic Corner Notcher

The COMBI has a notching capacity of 6mm, a blade length of 220mm and has variable angle between 30 and 140 degrees. Several adjustable stops come standard with a second set of blades. A rectangular notching unit can be very quickly attached at the back of the machine. 2 adjustments knobs can adjust pressure and speed of the back station. Utilize the COMBI for bending with the goose neck punch and multi-V bottom die. The bending depth can be adjusted with an adjustable knob on top of the machine. A mechanical display shows the depth. Bending speed can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the oil flow to the cylinder.

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Haco Fixed Angle Hydraulic Notcher ~ Maxi

When you need more notching capacity, look at the high precision HACO MAXI model.
The HACO MAXI series are fixed 90 degree with 6mm mild steel notching capacity. This MAXI can notch a 90 degree angle in 6mm mild steel with maximum length of 250mm. The MAXI model has a large working table with adjustable stops and several scales machined into the table surface. The blade clearance is set automatic and a jog mode jogs down the blades.

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Haco Fixed Angle Hydralic Notcher ~ Mini

The smallest HACO high precision corner notcher, built in a sturdy monoblock construction, made to last. This MINI can notch a 90 degree angle in 4mm mild steel with maximum length of 220mm. The MINI has a large working table with 2 adjustable quick set stops and scales. The blade area is covered with a plexi cover to guard the operator.

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