FMB Bandsaws

FMB Bandsaws UK

FMB was established in 1982 and was one of the very first companies to offer bandsaws  when the market was dominated by circular sawing machines. Since then the company has evolved, and will research innovative products to suit the customer’s actual needs, FMB has become a leading company in this sector.

The range is made of 35 models whose cutting capacity goes from Ø 220 mm up to Ø 540 mm together with a complete set of solutions for material handling.

Italian sawing solutions UK supplied by RK International

FMB Zeus CN Automatic CNC Bandsaw UK

FMB Bandsaws have been made in Italy since 1982 and have a full range of quality bandsaw machines available. FMB Zeus CN Automatic CNC Bandsaw is a numerically controlled bandsaw with many industrial sawing features. This is a quality metal cutting saw fully supported in the UK.

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FMB Hercules Bandsaw – 34mm Blade

Semi-automatic band saw for straight cuts. Head structure in special aluminium casting alloy. Dynamic blade tensioning with blade break micro switch. Blade cleaning brush is integrated in the head protection cover. Head feeding system with hydraulic cylinder and descent adjustment by flow control valve placed at the front position of the saw. Blade guides with combined action of side bearings, carbide plates and top bearing. Reduction gear box with inclined ground, case hardened teeth lubricated with long lasting grease.

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FMB Titan G Mitre Bandsaw

FMB Titan G is a single mitre industrial bandsaw with a max capacity of 260 x 370mm round. The saw frame rotates round to 60 degrees to allow for easy cutting of mitre angles without having to move the workpiece.
These Italian machines come in a massive range covering small single mitre pull down machines through to large 41mm bladed CNC bandsaw centres for high production. Quality and reliability of a European Saw manufacturer are the order here, invest in quality machinery to do the job right.

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