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We have a massive range of Grinding, Honing and Surface Finishing Machinery. We are specialist grinding machine suppliers in the UK and cover a huge range of surface grinding machines, rotary table surface grinding, cylindrical grinding machinery and centreless grinding.

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Perfect PFG-80200 AHD & PFG-100200 AHD Series Cantilever Type Surface Grinders

PERFECT Cantilever Series are auto cross feed by solid state relay, longitudinal by hydraulic and vertical axis by AC servo motor. The vertical feed axis is equipped with high precision, preload linear guideways combined with high precision ball screw transmission, providing superior grinding accuracy. AD5 auto down feed system is standard and making operation more convenient.

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Perfect PFG-120400 AHD & PFG-160400 AHD Series Double Column Type Surface Grinders

PERFECT Double Column Series are longitudinal by hydraulic, cross feed axis and vertical axis by AC servo motors. The beam surface Is equipped with two heavy duty linear guide ways with great span for extra smooth movement and high rigidity. The variable feed speed of the table Is controlled by a proportional hydraulic valve, allowing for feed speed adjustment according to the workpiece type for increased convenience of operation. All major parts are manufactured from high tensile cast iron, tempered and stress relieved for best rigidity and stability.

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Perfect PFG-120200 AHD & PFG-160200 AHD Series Double Column Type Surface Grinders

The PERFECT double column surface grinder is designed with slant beam construction. This provides outstanding load distribution on the entire beam surface, assuring maximum stability during heavy’ duly grinding. The vertical axis is equipped with high precision linear guide ways combined with high precision ball screw transmission, assuring outstanding feed accuracy and maximum stability. Vertical and cross feed are controlled by AC servo motors and M.P.G. handwheel.

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Robbi Lyor M Series Horizontal Tube Honing Machines

LYOR Horizontal honing machines are distinguished by their rigidity and power. A hydraulic cylinder controls the honing head movement. Three phase electric motor controlled by a vector inverter, servo-ventilated controlling the spindle rotation. The drive transmission is through a gear-box in which the gears are hardened and ground, projecting high torque and stock removal. Programming is very easy with the ‘touch-screen’.

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Europa Jainnher JHC 18S Centreless Grinding Machine

The popular JHC 18S provides grinding capacities from 1 to 50mm with a standard workrest or 40 – 100mm with a special workrest. As with other ‘S’ models, the regulating wheel is controlled by a servo motor resulting in variable speed from 10 – 250rpm.
The performance of all the EUROPA Jainnher machines is strictly inspected for roundness, straightness and surface roughness on standard work pieces. Hydrostatic bearings. Semi hydraulic float bearings. Regulating wheel drive. Spindle oil circulation. Slide device. Wheel dressing device.

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Europa Jainnher JHC 18BS Centreless Grinding Machine

With an increased wheel size over the JHC 18S, this machine has a 305mm wide grinding wheel on this model with a 455mm diameter allows for components to be ground from 1 to 50mm with a standard workrest and 40 to 100mm with a special workrest.
The advantages of centreless grinding, are not just for high volume production. Centreless grinding provides a fast turnaround for rounding of stock material and quite often, suits lower production runs. Tight tolerances easily achievable. All spindles fitted with precision ground Hydrostatic Bearings with a high pressure oil film for added precision under heavy

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Europa Jainnher JHC 2408 150 S Centreless Grinding Machine

The smallest model from Jainnher featuring a 610mm dia grinding wheel, this model is equipped with 205mm wide wheel and offers grinding capacities from 2 to 60mm with a standard workrest or up to 150mm with a special workrest.
The CNC system has servo motor & ball screws in both axes. Consistent, automatic wheels dressing, suitable for precision fine tuning, accurate, automatic dimensional & servo feed system.
Comprehensive, automatic in – process feed units. It is easy to adjust through the CNC control system. Offered with FANUC controls with automation options including: Gantry, Robot, Bowl, Hopper handling systems

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RJH Chamois PL Series Double Ended Polisers

The CHAMOIS Double-Ended Polisher has been designed to meet strict performance and safety criteria, and is ideal for use in schools and colleges. The Chamois complies with UK COSHH regulations, the European Machinery Directive and with the BS 4163:2014 “Health and Safety for Design and Technology in schools and similar establishments” regulations.

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Guyson Formula F1400 Blast Cabinet with Type 41 Dust Collector

The Guyson Formula 1400 blast cabinet is ideal for light duty applications or when blasting is required on an intermittent basis, such as school Design Technology and Craft departments, art glass workshops and general maintenance departments. Cabinets have sealed gauntlet gloves, a protected toughened glass viewing window and a quick release media changeover facility

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