Guyson Formula F1600 Blast Cabinet with Type 21 Dust Collector


FORMULA range is perfect for light to medium industrial applications, small workshops and laboratories, garage and maintenance departments, educational establishments and even DIY applications.
Four strong and durable steel constructed cabinets are available, all using the industrial quality model 400 SF blast gun and the either of the efficient F21 or F41 dust collectors.


Blast Cabinet
Internal cabinet dimensions (W x D x H) 1070 x 760 x 770mm
Model 400 Blas Gun (foot pedal operated) (aluminium body/6.4mm ceramic nozzle/2.8mm air control jet)
Adjustable gun support arm to allow the operator to manipulate the component under the blast gun instead of around the component
Conveniently angled viewing window with easy changeable anti-frost sheet and internal cabinet lighting (60 watt bulb) or equivalent required/not supplied) ensuring excellent observation and visibility during blasting.
Sealed gauntlet gloves (26” long)
Perforated steel floor to capture smaller pieces of debris created by blasting, thus reducing blockages in the blast hose/blast gun
Quick release mixer box below hopper for rapid media change
Moisture trap/pressure regulator
Baffled air inlet with breather pad
Dust Collection Unit
The Guyson Model 21 dust collection unit is a highly efficient unit for filtering out and collecting the dust laden air from the blast cabinet.  Airborne dust is drawn through flexible ducting into the dust collector, where lighter particles are captured by the filter bags with the heavier particles being deposited into the wast collection drawer at the base of the unit.
Easily removable front panel provides access to the filter bags
Flexible shaker system to remove dust  build up on filter bags
Overall dimensions (W x D x H) 450 x 328 x 1041mm
Motor 0.37kW
Motor speed 2850rpm
Electrical supply 240 volts, 1 phase, 50Hz
Number of filters 2
Filter type Fabric
Filtration area 0.9m2
Services Required
Electrical supply 240 volts, 1 phase, 50Hz
Compressed air         max. Air requirement: 27.2m3/hour @ 5.5bar(16cfm @ 80 psi)


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