Perfect PFG-80300 AHD & PFG-100300 AHD Series Cantilever Type Surface Grinders


PERFECT Cantilever Series are auto cross feed by solid state relay, longitudinal by hydraulic and vertical axis by AC servo motor.


Table size/ max grinding surface 800 x 3000mm
1000 x 3000mm
Maximum distance: centre spindle to table 800mm
Option 1000mm
Power cross feed approx. 1500mm/min
Auto cross feed increment 0.0mm to 15mm
Table speed 3 - 25m/min


Machine equipped with:-

Cantilever type construction
Ball screw for vertical
Linear guide way construction for vertical
MPG for vertical & AC Servo motor
Longitundinal hydraulic
X axis : SVPV - Stepless Variable Proportional Valve hydraulic system with Turcite B
Cross feed by solid state relay
Auto downfeed - AD5 NC
Automatic crossing stroke adjustment by control panel
Criss cross grinding cycle


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