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We have a massive range of Grinding, Honing and Surface Finishing Machinery. We are specialist grinding machine suppliers in the UK and cover a huge range of surface grinding machines, rotary table surface grinding, cylindrical grinding machinery and centreless grinding.

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RJH Bison BNA 105, 106 & 107 Double Ended Pedestal Grinder

The ACETI BISON Double-Ended Grinder is a robust machine that is ideal for general industrial use. The double-ended design allows wheels of different grits or materials to be mounted on each end, permitting two operations to be performed sequentially on the same component without having to change wheels or move to another machine. The Bison complies with the European Machinery Directive.

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Guyson Formula F1600 Blast Cabinet with Type 21 Dust Collector

FORMULA range is perfect for light to medium industrial applications, small workshops and laboratories, garage and maintenance departments, educational establishments and even DIY applications.
Four strong and durable steel constructed cabinets are available, all using the industrial quality model 400 SF blast gun and the either of the efficient F21 or F41 dust collectors.

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Robbi Omicron Semi Auto R T6 Series Universal Grinding Machines

The ROBBI R T6 is the most compact, semi-automatic grinding machine from the Italian manufacturer. Available with a 600mm or 1000mm grinding length option, the easy to use, PLC control accommodates up to a2 different diameters in a single set-up. Excellent versatility and high-quality standard. Extremely fast and precise also when processing complex components. Easy preset of working diameter. Single or small batch production workpieces, with the ability to function in manual mode. Automatic compensation of diameter after dressing. In-process measuring gauge and gap control systems (on request)

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Melchiorre ELC Series

These machines are ideal for hard metal and technical ceramic grinding applications the machines are also suitable for a wide range of applications found across a varied selection of sectors, including automotive (air bag initiators, pumps, transmission parts); aerospace (engine components, hydraulic systems); bearings; mould and die, and the pump and compressor sector.

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Robbi Omicron Semi Auto P T6 Series Universal Grinding Machines

The Robbi OMICRON PT6 semi automatic universal grinding machine delivers enhanced performance and accommodates upto 8 programmable diameters with an easy to use PLC. The semi automatic T6 version combines excellent versatility with high quality standards to allow processing of small batch production workpieces, and even one off workpieces – in manual or semi automatic modes.

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Robbi Omicron CNC 80 Series CNC Universal Grinding Machines

ROBBI CNC Universal Grinding Machines. Equipped with the latest-generation of SIEMENS 840D sl control system. The work cycle can be optimised in-process with geometrical and working parameters. The CNC version allows the operator to profile the grind wheel in relation to geometries specifically created for the type of production required.

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Perfect PFG-80150 & PFG-100150 AHD Series Cantilever Type Surface Grinders

Cantilever Series are auto cross feed by solid state relay, longitudinal by hydraulic and vertical axis by AC servo motor. The box type column is ruggedly constructed and combined scientifically with rib reinforcement for maximum rigidity. The cantilever beam is also of a box type construction and radiation-type rib reinforced, providing structural rigidity, minimum vibration and deformation-tree performance.

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