Robbi Omicron Semi Auto P T6 Series Universal Grinding Machines


The Robbi OMICRON PT6 semi automatic universal grinding machine delivers enhanced performance and accommodates upto 8 programmable diameters with an easy to use PLC. The semi automatic T6 version combines excellent versatility with high quality standards to allow processing of small batch production workpieces, and even one off workpieces – in manual or semi automatic modes.

Machine Specifications

1000P T6
Maximum distance between centres 1350mm
Maximum grinding length 1100mm
Height of centres over table 300mm
Swing over table 595mm
1500P T6
Maximum distance between centres 1750mm
Maximum grinding length 1600mm
Height of centres over table 350mm
Swing over table 595mm
2000P T6
Maximum distance between centres 2250mm
Maximum grinding length 2100mm
Height of centres over table 350mm
Swing over table 695mm
3000P T6
Maximum distance between centres 3150mm
Maximum grinding length 3000mm
Height of centres over table 400mm
Swing over table 795mm


Machine is equipped with:

PRO-FACE touch screen control panel
Wheel head and table automatic electronic feeds controlled by brushless motors
Incremental optic rule for micro positioning of wheel head
Re-circulating ball screw with preloaded nut for wheel head and table movement
Anti-friction material on wheel head guides
Electric installation, in separate cabinet
Hydraulic unit for tailstock control
Pneumatic unit
Centralized lubrication
Table manual swivelling system for taper grinding with dial gauge

Standard Equipment

Coolant equipment complete with pump, tank, pipes and nozzle
Straight wheel dressing unit (diamond optional) mounted on tailstock
Grinding wheel diam. mm. 610, thickness mm. 80, hole mm. 203
Grinding wheel flange
Wheel balancing arbor
Wheel extractor
Additional pulley for wheel motor
2 hard metal tipped centres
Set of levelling screws and plates
2 cloth bellows for table guide protection
Sliding doors
Set of service spanners & Set of hexagonal spanners
5 Kg. oil for wheel spindle lubrication & 10 Kg. oil for guide lubricating
Instructions manual



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