EDM Hole Drilling

From entry level EDM drilling machine with full manual operation to PLC models with the popular Fuzzy Logic control for increased production volumes. Joemars EDM hole drilling machines allows high speed drilling in conductive material and excels in small diameter to long drill

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Eurospark 510 CNC EDM Hole Drilling Machine

Affordable like a manual machine but full CNC features except for ATC. User friendly design. Convenient rotating controller unit. Dual moving sub guides for stable rotation. Auto thickness verifying system ~ no need to wait until breaking through at the first hole.

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Eurospark 530K CNC EDM Hole Drilling Machine

Easy to use – minimal user inputs to load cutting data and create CNC programs. CNC models with a range of features at a similar price to a manual machine. High quality level of build – comes with 0.3mm – 6.0mm electrode diameter as standard.

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