RK International Machine Tools adds steam to its portfolio

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RK International Machine Tools is renowned for its new and used machine tool sales and in wanting to prepare previously-owned machines to the highest standard prior to sale it has made use of REA steam cleaning equipment. Recognising the value of the deep clean provided by these Italian-built machines and their value to maintenance and other areas of manufacturing it has added them to its range.

The REA range includes fixed steam generators and portable saturated steam cleaning machines for use across a wide range of application areas, whether needed to disinfect, sanitise, sterilise or, in the case of machine tools, degrease. Steam provides a highly effective and environmentally friendly method of cleaning as it can eliminate the need for chemical-based detergents making it compliant with current legislation relating to ecology. “We have been using REA steam cleaners for over 15 years to prepare used machines for sale and they have proved to be a reliable and extremely effective method of deep cleaning machines that may have been neglected for many years before coming to us,” says Simon Rood, Sales Manager, RK International Machine Tools.

The REA Saturno Super portable industrial cleaner with a 50litre water tank and 1.4lite detergent tank.

Virtually any surface can be cleaned using the high pressure steam systems offered by REA through RK International Machine Tools. The fixed Giove range of steam generators is ideal for large industrial installations as it provides steam for between 2 and 12 users of both manual and automated cleaning systems. For more versatile applications the Saturno range is portable and can be located anywhere in the factory with access to a water supply or, thanks to the high capacity water tank the generator can be operated without water refill for five hours. Its portability helps to save time, as it can be moved to the machine tool, not the other way around, but this portability does not detract from its performance, with units having 12 bar of pressure and being capable of producing volumes of steam from 15 kg/hour through to 60 kg/hour. In addition to steam cleaning the units can also provide a suction capability to remove liquids from a work area.

Further information on all of the products REA products can be found at www.rk-int.com/manufacturer/rea/

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