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RK International Summer Drilling Special:

Understanding our customers and their wishes is the basis for the development of first-class products. We were completely surprised by the customer’s very high interest regarding the custom-designed and self-built beer tapping system manufactured by long term partner, FLOTT.

Since  FLOTT have always placed special emphasis on providing  customers and users with machines that meet their individual requirements in everyday work, we have once thought of taking different paths and meeting our customers’ wishes with regard to the desired beer tapping system. Thus, the unique and admittedly not quite everyday tapping system FLOTTjet TBZA 30 was created and made available to public, which now also allows our customers to use a FLOTT product for pleasure after work.

All features at a glance

  • 18 litres of cooling capacity per hour
  • Connection via commercial KEG closure
  • Continuously adjustable temperature setting
  • Finest flow control via lateral feed lever
  • Top-class understated design
  • Fits all sized beer glasses thanks to continuously movable table
  • Made in Germany
  • See the video at the bottom of this page.

However, if you need a more conventional type of drilling machine, we can offer those as well... see the below summer offers on FLOTT Drilling Machines:

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