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RK International Machine Tools has added to its already extensive machine tool portfolio with the introduction of a series of large capacity manual and CNC lathes. The machines are already generating strong interest from customers in the oil, gas, petro-chemical, sub-sea, marine, aerospace, energy and renewables and heavy subcontract machining sectors.

Branded as the Europa range these lathes are split into five series, each available as either manual or CNC controlled. The MA, MB and MC series are heavy-duty, hollow spindle lathes with swing over the bed ranging from 880 mm through to 2050 mm, and between centres between 1500 mm and 12,000 mm in 1000 mm increments. Depending on the model specified the spindle bore can be up to 815 mm diameter. These three ranges are heavy-duty in themselves, benefiting from a solid cast iron bed with capacity to machine components weighing up to 10,000 kg between centres, with a single steady rest. The next two ranges in the series, the MH and MK take heavy-duty to the next level, with the largest MK series Europa lathes capable of handling components weighing up to 15,000 kg and up to 3560 mm diameter over the bed (2980mm over crosslide).


Europa MA Series Heavy Duty Hollow Spindle Lathe:

from 880mm to 1165mm swing over the bed with upto 12,000mm between centres.

Shown with optional rear splash guard, Digital Readout, swarf management and four jaw chuck

The Europa MA, MB and MC feature a two way construction bed with the lower way providing carriage support when heavy-duty turning applications are being undertaken. For even greater versatility the larger MH and MK series of Europa lathes benefit from multiple ways on the machine bed. This allows the machine’s apron to move freely past the steady rest and tailstock as the apron uses the front set of ways, while the tailstock and any steadies are located on the rear ways. As with the MA, MB and MC, these machines also have a lower way to provide additional support under heavy cutting conditions.

All of the machines in the Europa large capacity lathe range have the spindle power to meet the demands of the type of industry sector that they will be employed in, these spindles range from 20 hp on the smallest machine in the range through to the option of 100 hp on the largest MK series lathe. The CNC equipped machines benefit from the use of the popular Fanuc OiTD control system as standard, while the manual variants have the option of a Newall digital readout. The entire machine range can be enhanced with a wide range of chuck, faceplate and steady rest options, including three point fixed, three and four point travelling and roller support steadies. Essential for the oil and gas industry, the range of Europa lathes are also available with rear chuck adaptors, and the added advantage of equipping the tailstock with a chuck and centre for ultimate heavy cutting applications.


Europa MH Series Heavy Duty Hollow Spindle Lathe with 3 shearways:

from 1300mm to 2050mm swing over the bed with upto 12,000 between centres.

Shown with optional Digital readout and three jaw chuck

“We have had numerous enquiries for large capacity, heavy-duty, lathes and now we are in a good position now to fulfil those potential orders. We have stock machines on order and arriving in early 2014 for our Kent showroom and we are confident that the Europa range of lathes will be well-received, especially in the oil and gas and energy sectors along with the heavy subcontract machine shops,” says Dick Aldrich, Sales Director of RK International Machine Tools Limited.


Europa MK Series Heavy Duty Hollow Spindle Lathe:

from 2050mm to 3560mm swing over the bed with upto 12,000mm between centres.

Shown with optional Digital Readout


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