MACC NEW 315 E Heavy Duty Circular Saw


MACC NEW 315E Circular Saw. Moveable head 45 degrees left and 90 degrees right.

Macc New315 E Heavy Duty Circular saws uk supplied by RK International. We have a huge range of circular sawing machines, mainly from Italy, and varying in speeds dependent on materials beings cut.

Machine Features

Moveable head 45 degrees left and 90 degrees right
Reduction unit in oil bath
Adjustable blade protection clutch
Blade holder shaft on bearings
Double hinged pin with eccentric bush
Adjustable stops 0 degrees – 45 degrees – 90 degrees
Quick locking vice complete with anti-burr device
Membrane pump for coolant
Coolant filter
Jet separation system to keep the blade oiled
Sliding counter vice for longitudinal cutting
Bar support arm
Bar stop
Service tools
Instruction manual and spare parts
24 volt low voltage installation hold to run head control knob


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