JAINNHER CNC Double Spindle Hybrid Grinding Machine


The JAINNHER JHD machine structure of the double spindle grinding machine series is based around an X, Y, and Z axis feeding system and features internal and external grinding wheels with independent spindles.

MODELS Specification:




Spindle Type: OD & ID ID OD & ID
Capacity ID (Hole, Depth) Ø 6 to 200 x 150mm
Max. grinding dia. Ø 320mm - Ø 320mm
Max. grinding length 200mm - 100mm
Max. swing dia, Ø 500mm
Max. job weight 130kgs (287 lbs)
Type of wheel head OD, ID ID, ID OD, ID
X axis Chuck 200mm
Spindle rpm 20-1000 rpm/min (variable speed)
Max. stroke 500mm
Swing angle +15° to -15°(Manual)
Rapid speed 10m/min
Min. Setting unit 0.001mm (0.00004”)
Y axis OD wheel size Ø 205 x 25 mm Depends Ø 405 x 50 mm
R.P.M 3100rpm Depends 1780rpm
Max. stroke 500mm
Rapid speed 10m/min
Min. setting unit 0.001mm (0.00004”)
Z axis ID wheel size Depends
R.P.M Depends
Max. stroke 500mm
Rapid speed 10m/min
Min. setting unit 0.001mm (0.00004”)
* Manufacturer reserves the right to change specification without prior notice.


Workhead Spindle:

  • The cartridge spindle in work head is supported by P4-class precision double roller and angular contact ball bearing.
  • Designed to shorten grinding time, improve grinding accuracy and a wide range of grinding applications, the work head can be adjusted angle +15° and -15° ,and is suitable for internal and external taper grinding. Or, you can choose from:
    • Manual rotating angle type, for grinding internal and external of cylindrical and taper
    • Automatic rotating type (B axis) (X,Y,Z,B) (optional),for grinding internal and external
    • Angle positioning control type (C axis) (X,Y,C、X,Z,C) (optional),for grinding cam or eccentric hole.

B axis for JHD-3205 series only:

  • This is high accuracy rotary table with the design of double leads and bearings, it is suitable for heavy grinding procedure and continuous process.
  • Occlusion area reaches 35%~45%.
  • Good abrasion resistance with no need to adjust backlash within 2 years.
  • Maintains accuracy within 0.003mm.
  • Repeatable positioning accuracy can be reached 0.001mm to satisfy fast positioning & repeatability for production grinding requirements.

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