JAINNHER JHA Angular approach CNC cylindrical grinding machines


A 60° grinding approach angle to the workpiece, the JHA series offers increased productivity and effecincy. Grinding capacities upto 380mm diameter and lengths of 1500mm (on request) are available. The latest FANUC CNC control can be combined with the JAINNHER HMI ensures a hassle free, on-machine grinding.

Since being established in the early 1980s, Jainnher Machine Co., Ltd. has established itself as as a professional cylindrical grinder manufacturer. Today, Jainnher specialises in CNC cylindrical grinding machines and provides superior and precision cylindrical grinders for multiple applications. For over 30 years, RK International Machine Tools has enjoyed a long-term relationship with Jainnher.

JAINNHER CNC Angular approach cylindrical grinding machine

Model: JHA-2003CNC JHA-3505CNC JHA-4005CNC JHA-3508CNC JHA-4008CNC
Capacity Max. work swing Ø200mm Ø350mm Ø400mm Ø350mm Ø400mm
Max. grinding length 300mm 520mm 520mm 820mm 820mm
Max. grinding dia. Ø200mm Ø330mm Ø380mm Ø330mm Ø380mm
Max. job weight 80kg 150kg
Distance between centres 300mm 600mm 600mm 1000mm 1000mm
Centre height 100mm 175mm 200mm 175mm 200mm
Grinding wheel Grinding wheel sizes Ø405x38-50xØ127 Ø610x50-100xØ203.2
Grinding wheel speed 1560rpm 1250rpm
Max. peripheral speed 33m/sec 40m/sec
Wheel head Feed angle 60°
Swivel angle ±0°
Rapid traverse speed 6 m/min
Max. travel 220mm 280mm
Min. setting unit 0.0001mm
Grinding feed rate 0.001 ~ 6000mm/min
Hydrostatic pressure --- Hydrodynamic 3kg / Hydrostatic 20kg
Tailstock Quill travel 30mm travel
Quill diameter 48mm dia 70mm dia
Centre taper #3 MT #4 MT (#5 MT option)
Hydraulic cylinder pressure 20 kg
Work head Spindle speed (variable) 10 ~ 500 rpm/min
Centre taper #3 MT #4 MT (#5 MT option)
Spindle type Cartridge type (Opt.)
Swivel angle 120 degs (90 deg counter/ 30 deg clock)
Work table swivel Swivel angle (C.W.) +10 degs +9 degs +7 degs
Swivel angle (C.C.W.) -3 degs  -5 degs -4 degs
Rapid traverse speed 8mm/min 10mm/min
Min. setting unit 0.0001mm
Max. travel 640mm 600mm 900mm
Grinding feed rate 0.001 - 6000mm/min
Motor Grinding wheel spindle 5HP 4P (Opt. 7.5HP) 10HP 4P (Opt.15HP)
Work head 1.0KW 1.5KW
Work table feeding (Z-axis) 1.2KW 1.8 KW
Wheel table feeding (X-axis) 1.2KW 1.8 KW
Hydraulic pump 1/4HP 4P 1HP 4P
Wheel head pump _ Hydrodynamic 1HP 4P / Hydrostatic 2HP 4P
Coolant pump 1/8HP 2P 1/2HP 2P
Magnetic coolant separator 1/25HP 2P 1/25HP 2P
Oil cooler _ Hydrostatic wheel head 600W
Hydrodynamic wheel head 400W
Slide way 250W
Oil tank Hyd. Oil tank 30L  60L
Wheel head lubrication _ 50L
Coolant tank 80L 160L
Machine Nett weight - Fully enclosed 3800kg 7460kg 8080kg
Gross weight - Fully enclosed 4100kg 7860kg 8480kg
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 3.3x2.1x2.2 5.0x2.1x2.2 5.8x2.1x2.2
Packing dimensions (LxWxH) 3.5x2.2x2.2 5.2x2.2x2.2 6.0x2.2x2.2


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