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Almco Vibratory Finishing MachinesVibratory Finishing systems come in many different styles with each having its particular advantage, all depending on your individual project needs.

We offer specific parts finishing equipment, and media and compound recommendations.

Vibratory Finishing Bowls  –  Vibratory Tubs  –  Spindle deburring  –  Sutton deburring

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ALMCO Vibratory Bowl Finishing Machines

ALMCO Vibratory Bowl Finishing Machines Wet or dry processing capabilities Space-saving, low-profile design for easy load and unload Curved polyurethane-lined bowl for maximum finishing action Extended screening deck for more effective parts & media separation. Standard on the SBB, VM & LR Series. Optional on the OR Series. Variable speed motor for process flexibility Available […]

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ALMCO Spindle Type Deburring Machines

Spindle Machines are known for high-speed precision deburring and are also referred to as slurry deburring machines. Spindle Finishing equipment utilizes one or multiple rotating spindles in a tub of rotating media to achieve a consistent finish on a part. They are primarily designed to finish small to medium-sized precision parts such as shafts, transmission […]

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ALMCO Vibratory Tub Finishing Machines

ALMCO V,VB Series & Thru Feed Vibratory Finishing Tubs. Wet or dry processing capabilities Sound Hood (VB Series Machines) Variable amplitude for process adjustment Heavy Duty Polyurethane Lining AVAILBLE MODELS: V Series, VB Series, Continuous thru-feed     Options include: Automatic Lubrication System: Electric pump to periodically supply grease to critical bearings. Flowmeter: Measures the […]

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