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Delta MINI series of Travelling Column Surface Grinders

DELTA manufacture three models from 800 x 500mm, 1300 x 650mm and 1600 x 650mm in the MINI series of travelling column plane surface grinders. With advanced technology, the machines designed and built to assure high production capacity, precision and reliability. The T-structure of the highest rigidity is made from stress-relieved Meehanite cast iron. All machine axis slideways (table, column and wheel head) are hydrostatic.

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Delta LC 400 Rotary Table Surface Grinding Machine with Vertical Spindle

Rotary table surface grinder UK. With up to a 400mm grinding diameter on this rotary table, vertical spindle surface grinder from Italian manufacturer, DELTA, a leading surface grinder manufacturer with over 20,000 units sold worldwide.
The rotating table is controlled by asynchronous three-phase bipolar motors with 8/16 poles; thanks to these motors the table can rotate at a speed of 40 rpm, and at a speed of 30 rpm.

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Compac HP25 H Frame Floor Press

From Denmark, a range of high quality Foot-Operated and Hand-Operated H-Frame Workshop Presses. Models available 16 – 100Tonne all with hardened chrome rams & 2 x v-blocks, and most with moveable cylinders/rams, fast approach and/or return via compressed air supply, and friction-clutch table winches.

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Comev Large Capacity CNC Lathes URANO Series

The COMEV Urano CNC Machine is designed and suited for heavy turning and milling operations of components up to 12,000mm long and 2030mm in diameter. The heavy duty 1400mm wide, five guideway bed design accommodates components upto 20 ton. The CNC Control is equipped with, manual mode, setting mode and automatic mode. Programming in teach or ISO formats.

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Comev Large Capacity CNC Lathes PICOtre Series

COMEV Picotre is suitable for heavy and powerful machining as the Titano but with an exceptional factor of performance. The versatile, manageable and reliable characteristics are kept. A flexible numerical control complete one of the most important pieces of our wide range.

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Colchester Triumph VS 2500 Centre Lathe

COLCHESTER Triumph 195mm (7.5”) Centre Lathe with induction hardened bedways, Quick change universal gearbox, Self contained motor driven by 7.5kw (10hp) motor, Electrical equipment for 380 or 415/3/50Hz supply, Variable speed drive from 14-2500 rev/min with apron control. Perfect learning aid for all educational establishments and are designed to encourage precision turning for engineers of the future.
We have a large stock of new and used Colchester Lathes including the Student, Triumph and Mastiff models.

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Colchester Student 2500 Centre Lathes

The COLCHESTER Student 165mm (6.5”) Centre lathe with induction hardened bedways, Quick change universal gearbox, Self contained motor driven by 2.2kw (3hp) motor, Electrical equipment for 415/3/50Hz supply, spindle speed 40-2500 rpm

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Colchester Master VS 3250 Centre Lathes

COLCHESTER Master 170mm (6.5”) centre lathe with induction hardened bedways, quick change universal gearbox, self contained motor driven by 7.5kw (10hp) motor and electrical equipment for 380 or 415/3/50Hz supply.  Variable speed drive from 17-3250 rev/min with apron control.

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Colchester Mascot VS 2000 Centre Lathes

COLCHESTER Mascot has constant power, variable speed spindle drive. 11kW spindle motor. 460mm swing over bed. 1000mm, 1500mm & 2000mm gap bed length options. Induction hardened and ground bed. D1-8 Camlock spindle nose. CSS DRO fitted as standard.

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Arboga A.3808M Power Feed Pedestal Drill

The ARBOGA A3808M pedestal / floor mounted drilling machine features a 35mm drilling capacity with a gearbox spindle drive for increased drilling torque. An adjustable table and drill head can be raised and lowered along with 360° rotation around the drill column. Once the drill depth has been set and reached, the drill spindle will automatically retract to the start point.

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Arboga A.3008 Series Power Feed Geared Head Drilling Machines

With a 30mm drilling capacity, the ARBOGA A3008 Series of floor mounted drilling machines deliver high torque drilling through a gearbox drive. The drill head and table are adjustable and along with be raised and lowered, they can be rotated 360° around the column. The Arboga A3008M model features powerfeed where the drill will retract once the drill depth has been reached.

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