Haco FL 4015 LU Fiber Laser Cutting


The HACO FL4015 LU is small in footprint, but big in technical innovations. Thanks to a high degree of automation, the continuous presence of an operator is not required. This 4 metre machine, with its lightweight, advanced and dynamic laser cutting head will cut production costs and time.

Haco FL 4015 LU Fiber Laser 

Unmatched  dynamics

The carbon cutting head assembly offers rigidity combined with high dynamics. Thanks to the innovative ‘Parallel Kinematics Technology’, accelerations have reached unmatched G-levels.

Efficient loading and unloading stations

As modern fibre laser cutting processes tremendously reduce cycle times, especially for thin materials, automation of loading and unloading processes has become a must. The automatic loading station contains an innovative gripper concept, existing out of a vertically moving frame, equipped with intelligent suction cups, a separator unit, double sheet detector and separation airblow. The combination with the automatic unloading system allows efficient unmanned production resulting in improved cost price/part ratio, enhancing the profitability and return on investment.

Machine equipped with:-

 Compact fibre laser cutting cell
 Innovative 'Parallel Kinematics Technology' for high dynamic movment
 Automatic scratch free loading and unloading system
 Reduced overall cycle times
 Sheet stability by means of 3 CNC retractable clamps
 Unmatched footprint requirement
 Liquid cooled cutting head
 CE Certified protection



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