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With over 100 years of ongoing product development, field-based application experience and in support our pre and post-sales support package, we are pleased to announce that Q8 Oils now provide RK International Machine Tools with unrivalled levels of expertise and knowledge within the metalworking fluids and lubricants sector.

Kelly Gordon, RK International Machine Tools, Service and Support Manager comments that ‘a machine tool investment can be an expensive addition to any manufacturing facility. A number of the machines RK provides, such as the high precision, universal grinding machines, are often seen as a ‘once in 15 years,’ investment, and to ensure the machine surpasses the expectations of all parties, we believe it is important to work alongside an established technical support partner.’

Metalworking Fluids:
RK supply & support a wide range of metal cutting & metal forming machine tools and whether it be grinding, milling, turning or thread-rolling, Q8 Oils ’ metalworking fluids provide exceptional performance for arduous machining operations across a wide range of materials.

So many of the machines that we now supply feature full machining enclosures and are equipped with standalone or centralised LEV mist extraction systems. More and more workshops are aware of the hazards generated from MWF’s and are acting accordingly to protect the machine operators and environment.

Lubricants & Greases:
From central lubrication to large capacity hydraulic fluid tanks, Q8 Oils ’ extensive range of plant maintenance lubricants allows RK to fully meet all the requirements of all our installations.
From the Q8 Haydn 32 that is now offered on the range of SURFACE grinders as our preferred lubricant of choice to be used for the hydraulic operations of the machine. Through to machine slideways being protected with Q8 Wagner NST 68 that provides, not only, excellent resistance against high-pressure splashing of water-based cutting fluids, but also gives outstanding wear protection through a strong film that has anti-wear characteristics.

QCare Technical Services & Support - metalworking fluids
Q8Oils works closely with the HSE and are a key member of the UKLA MWF Guidance Advisory Panel, which includes experts from the HSE, health and safety laboratories and industry.
Together, we can help you choose the most appropriate MWF for your application, balancing efficiency & safety. We can provide assistance with condition monitoring advice to help you comply fully with HSE guidelines & regulations. Equipment solutions advice from RK and Q8Oils will help you to help maximise efficiency, across a wide range of applications.

QCare Technical Services & Support - industrial lubricants
The technical service team at Q8 Oils, along with RK’s team of after-sales engineer’s works with customers in partnership to optimise performance, increase productivity and resolve any technical issues. During a routine service visit, a RK after-sales engineer has the ability to provide Q8Oils’ analytical services. This includes the QCare QUOTA (Q8 Used Oil Test Analysis).
This new RK technical support service monitors oil condition therefore assisting our customers in preventing any avoidable machine tool breakdown.
Each lubricant sample is sent for analysis to an independent laboratory. A detailed report is returned showing the oil condition, including wear metal debris analysis, actions and recommendations.
This new technical support service will help you to increase productivity, especially when used in conjunction with RK’s Machine Tool Maintenance Plan (MTMP).







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