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Machining centre and flexible manufacturing system manufacturer, MCM (Machining Center Manufacturing) based in Piacenza, Italy has further developed its TANK-series of 4- and 5-axis machining centres with the development of the TANK.G series. These machines offer customers the flexibility of a wide choice of axis travels up to 3000 mm in the X-axis, along with multiple options for pallet size, tool changer, and spindles, as well as a variety of heads including horizontal and tilting-head, with worm-screw or torque motor options.

The MCM Tank.G Series offers an impressive machining envelope.

Represented in the UK & Ireland by RK International Machine Tools, the MCM range is ideal for applications in the aerospace, energy, oil & gas and general engineering environments, with machines capable of being stand-alone or integrated into flexible machining systems. With machines ranging from 800 x 1000 mm pallet size to 1250 x 1600 mm. On the MT range of Mill/Turn models, a rotary pallet capable of 200 revs/min, with a rotation diameter of 3000 mm is available.

The TANK.G machines are at the larger end of the scale, with axis travels of 1600 x 1500 x 1850/2000 mm in XYZ for the smallest of the TANK.G machines up to 3000 x 2500 x 2500 mm for the largest machines in the series. For machines with such large capacity agility and accuracy are also major fundamentals. Axis travels up to 50 m/min at accelerations of 3G are achievable, with repeatability is down to 3 micron on linear axes and 3 arc seconds on rotary axes. The rotary axis table can be used for turning operations as rotational speed can be up to 500 revs/min and depending on specification can be capable of carrying up to 5000 kgs of weight.

TANK.G offers upto 1600 x 1250mm or 1400mm dia pallets

The spindle options with the TANK.G series can deliver maximum spindle speeds from 6000 to 30,000 revs/min with 130 kW of power and 1300 Nm or torque, depending on machine model and spindle configuration specified. Further versatility is provided by TANK.G’s toolchange system, which features a modular rack tool movement system that can be configured to hold from 80 tools as standard, up to 999 tools, weighing up to 35 kg, with a tool change time between 2.5 and 3 seconds, dependant on spindle type.

“Where MCM excels is the ability to offer a mono-pallet, bi-pallet or FMS solutions even including integratting into an exisiting on-site pallet system,” comments Simon Rood, Director and General Manager RK International Machine Tools, “and then having the option to customise the machine to suit both the application and the workshop where the machine is to be located. From left hand or right hand loading stations, location of the tool storage even including on top of the machine, coolant systems through to arranging a machine layout to suit a buildings structure.”

The TANK.G series of horizontal machining centres is the epitome of flexibility and versatility. The choices available to customers allow them to specify a machine to their own unique requirements, while retaining the knowedge that each machine is built to exacting standards of performance and quality. For example over 200 hours of scraping is carried out on each machine to ensure high geometric accuracy. Other examples of build quality include the inclined angle created by the X-axis guideways being on different levels, this adds greater rigidity to the machine’s column-head assembly. Thermal comensation is controlled automatically through the CNC control unit, which can be either the Siemens 840D SL or Fanuc 30i/31i B5 series of control.

Today, MCM TANK and TANK.G machines can be found in global leading companies including Airbus, Dassault Aviation, Ferrari SPA (road cars and Formula One), GE Aviation and GE Oil & Gas, Leonardo and Safran sites to name a few.

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