Rosenfors 25 Gear Head Drilling Machines UK


Rosenfors 25 Gear Head Drilling Machines UK supplied by RK International. These have a MK3 taper with 4 spindle speeds. T slotted table with options for separate lighting and coolant systems.

The new brand Rosenfors now offer a true “Made in Sweden” drilling machine as a low-cost alternative to the Arboga drills or Strands range. The machine is a slimmed version of the 25 mm machines. We have kept the quality, but now compete with a competitive price.

Rosenfors 25 Gear Head Drilling Machines available from UK.

Drilling capacity 25mm
Quill movement 130mm
Tapping capacity (steel, cast iron) M16 / M20
Morse taper MK3
Motor power (50Hz) 0,65kW / 0,9kW
Spindle speed (50Hz) 129 / 346 / 558 / 1498
Size of table 500 x 400mm
Electrics 400v / 3 ph/ 50Hz



Rosenfors 25 Drilling Machine



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