Colchester MultiTurn 4000 Manual/CNC Lathes


The Colchester MultiTurn Series machines are perfect for CNC users looking for increased versatility on one-off and small batch production. First time CNC buyers and jobbing shops looking for simplicity of programming.


Colchester MultiTurn 4000 Manual/CNC Lathes
Height of centres 280mm
Distance between centre 1500mm, 2000mm & 3000MM
Swing over bed 554mm
Swing in gap 830mm
Gap width from faceplate 216mm
Swing over cross slide 370mm
Spindle bore 104mm
Spindle nose Camlock D1-11
Spindle centre height from floor 1195mm
Taper in nose bush No. 5 MT
Spindle speed ranges (11 to 224rpm) (1 to 672rpm) (1 to 2000rpm)
Speed Motor S3-40% 15kW
Constant power range 64 – 1970 (7.5kW)
X-Axis working stroke 296mm
X-Axis Thrust (@ stall torque) 5.97kN
X Axis Programmed rapid traverse rate (G00) 8m/min
X-Axis Manual mode traverse rate (jog) 3m/min
X-Axis CNC rapid traverse rate (jog) 2m/min
X-Axis maximum programmed feedrate 7750mm/min
Z-Axis working stroke – 2000mm 2030m
Z-Axis working stroke – 3000mm 3050MM
Z-Axis Thrust (@ stall torque) 12.53kN
Z-Axis Programmed rapid traverse rate (G00) 10m/min
Z-Axis Manual mode traverse rate (jog) 6m/min
Z-Axis CNC rapid traverse rate (jog) 2m/min
Z-Axis maximum programmed feedrate 7750mm/min
Types of thread Metric / Imperial / Diametral / Module
Width over bed ways 400mm
Width of cross slide 204mm
Cross slide travel 310mm
Tailstock quill diameter 95mm
Tailstock quill travel 145mm
Tailstock quill taper No. 6 MT
Standard electrics 400V AC + 10%/-15% 50/60Hz
Electrical supply required 15kVA

Colchester MultiTurn 4000 Manual/CNC Lathes

Standard Equipment

Siemens 828D Control with ShopTurn and Manual Machine Plus
Manually operated tailstock
315mm (12") O/D. 104mm I/D. 3-Jaw geared scroll, super precision (Class 1), self centering chuck
Dickson Quick Change Toolpost with 4 std. & 1 Vee & 1 No.3 MT Holders & wrenches
Electrically interlocked chuck guard (1500 & 2000mm CD Models)
H.D. Single guard interlocked to carriage (3000mm model) - for fully enclosed optio
Fully enclosed interlocked guarding
Independent sliding operators console
300100 - Machine Lighting
29010L - Standard Electric Coolant Pump, Tank, Hose & fittings
11010B – Set of machine mounting pads
11011A - Machine Toolbox Comprising :-
Centre Bush, No 3 MT Centre, No 4 MT Centre, 22mm x 24mm Spanner, Set of Metric     Wrenches, Grease Gun
Automatic Slideway & Ballscrew Lubrication
Swarf tray (Roll-out)
Operation & Spare Parts Manual. Accuracy chart
Hands on Tutorial & Quick reference Guide booklets


Standard Control Features include:-

Tool nose radius compensation - ISO / ShopTurn
512 / 1024 Tools / Cutting Edges - ISO / ShopTurn
Program Guide - ISO / ShopTurn
CNC User Memory 8GB - ISO / ShopTurn
Additional Mem / CF Card - USB - ISO / ShopTurn
3D Simulation - ISO / ShopTurn
DXF Reader - ISO / ShopTurn
ShopTurn Step Programming - ISO / ShopTurn
Real Time Simulation - ISO / ShopTurn
Residual Material Check - ISO / ShopTurn
Technology Cycles - ISO / ShopTurn
Energy Monitoring - ISO / ShopTurn
Onboard Help - ISO / ShopTurn
Sinumerik Programming language - ISO / ShopTurn
Ethernet Link - ISO / ShopTurn
Background editing - ISO / ShopTurn
Machine alarm diagnostics - ISO / ShopTurn
Constant Surface Speed - ISO / ShopTurn
Coms - RS232 - CF Card - USB - ISO / ShopTurn

Colchester MultiTurn 4000 Manual/CNC Lathes


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