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With machine and systems installed at LEONARDO, SAFRAN, DASSAULT SYSTEMS, AIRBUS and many more, you really need to carry on reading…

Established in 1978, MCM Machining Centers Manufacturing S.p.A. is an Italian leading company in designing and manufacturing high precision horizontal machining centres, flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) and customised solutions.


aerospace compressor casing machined on MCM 5 axis

MCM Aerospace compressor casing


Thanks to its innovative range of products and services, MCM has supplied over 2500 systems in more than 30 countries, to the main players in Aerospace, Automotive, General Mechanics, Energy, Oil & Gas and Defence sectors. MCM operates through three production sites in Italy and through its branch offices in France, Germany, USA, China as well as operational offices in UK, Spain and Russia.

The core business is focused on machining centres, on systems integration and 'turn-key' solutions. Moreover, for more than 30 years, MCE, the IT division of MCM, has been designing its own supervising software, which supports manufacturing processes, allowing a centralised coordination and management of the whole shop floor.

FMS pallet system - high production high accuracy machine for Airbus, Safran and Rolls Royce

High quality high accuracy FMS system

MCM machines are designed following the Industry 4.0 principles and are largely employed for the aerospace parts manufacturing and wherever important machining challenges occur, i.e. hard to cut materials, high precision requirements, high production flexibility, advanced combination of milling and turning operations.

MCM boasts a solid know-how gained through its history, thanks to the development of many turn-key solutions and high-efficiency customised machining applications and thanks to a strong aptitude to continuous product improvement and processes innovation.

5 axis Flexible machining systems and heavy duty horizontal milling solutions uk

5 axis machining from MCM. Flexible machining systems and heavy duty horizontal milling solutions uk

MCM machining centres offer the excellence in terms of speed, precision, power and reliability. Three main product families are available: 'Clock' family, 'Tank / Tank G' family, and 'Jet Five' family. Thanks to the complete range of machines and machining-auxiliary technologies, MCM, can optimally cover the machining of a wide range of materials and workpiece sizes. Furthermore, thanks to machine and system high flexibility MCM plays a role of unique reliable partner for integrated production programs of aerospace parts manufacturers.

With an unrivalled technical ability to offer a manufacturing solution, UK sales, service and support is invaluable in today’s demanding work environment. In late 2018, RK International Machine Tools sign an agreement with MCM to work closely in the UK and Eire. Established in 1951, RK International has always focussed on being able to fully support the range of equipment it offers.

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