MACC TA400 Manual Aluminium Circular Saw


MACC TA400 Manual Circular Saw for cutting solids or section made of aluminium or light alloys. This is an industrial non ferrous saw with full mitre capability giving the fasted cuts with the best surface finish available. This saw uses a 400mm Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) blade.
Options available are the pneumatic vice assembly which is foot pedal operated, and the metal pedestal for it to sit on.

MACC TA400 manual pull down aluminium and non ferrous saw for industrial use.


Manual saw for cutting solid or section bars made of aluminium or light alloys
24 V low voltage installation withhold-to-run head control knob
Knob with small stake ensuring fast positioning of the head to 0° and 45° right and left
Movable head 45° right and left
Inclinable head 45° left (compound mitre)
Blade holder shaft on bearings
Movable plate assembled on spheres
Two manual vices
Teflon jaws to fix the pieces
Bar support arm
Bar stop
Service tools
Instructions manual and spare parts
Overall dimensions:                      1500 mm x 1000 mm x 900 mm


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