MACC New 350 EDV Saw Heavy Duty Manual Circular Saws UK


MACC New 350 EDV Manual Circular Saw is a industrial quality metal cutting chop saw with a double vice, electric coolant pump and a mitre head. We also do the semi automatic 350 mm saw and the fully automated circular saws.
In RK stock we have a new Macc 350 EDV with the slow speed motor fitted for stainless steel, and the pneumatic vice option to clamp and unclamp the vice via a foot pedal.

Macc New 350EDV Saw Industrial Circular Sawing Machine made in Italy.

NEW in stock - 350EDV with Pneumatic clamping for stainless steel sawing

Machine Features

Movable head 45° left – 90° right
Reduction unit oil bath
Double hinged pin with eccentric bush
Double quick locking vice
0,035 kW Power-driven pump for band cooling
Coolant filter
Jet separation system to keep the blade oiled
Sliding counter vice for longitudinal cutting
Bar support arm
Bar stop
Service tools
Instruction manual and spare parts
24 V low voltage installation with hold-to-run head control knob
Overall Dimensions:                        1475mm x 1000mm x 1200mm

Macc New 350EDV saw is an Italian made industrial metal cutting circular saw with a max 350mm SHSS blade. Available in 2 speed ranges to suit the sawing application required. The EDV is a double vice machine that grips the work before and after the cut, reducing vibration and improving blade life.

Metal cutting circular saws are stocked in the UK and on a short delivery time. Semi automatic and fully automatic circular saws are normally available from Italy in @ 2-3 weeks depending on models.

Industrial metal saws UK

Macc 350 EDV so stainless steel sawing


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