Kingsland Compact C Series Hydraulic Steelworkers


Kingsland Compact Hydraulic Steel Workers. Universal and compact hydraulic steelworkers with 5 workstations, developed for production purposes with maximum efficiency. The COMPACT machines are designed and manufactured using our principals long experience in manufacturing of hydraulic steelworkers. Comprehensive safety guards are fitted as standard on all work stations. Free standing on a suitable floor.

Kingsland Compact Hydraulic Steelworkers range in the UK


C50 C65 C80
Maximum capacity 23 x 15mm 30 x 15mm 28 x 20mm
Diameter x thickness 38 x 9mm 38 x 12mm 38 x 14mm
Stroke length 55mm 55mm 55mm
Standard throat depth 220mm 220mm 220mm
Largest hole (standard) 38 38 38
Largest hole (optional) 110 110 110
Maximum section 160 160 160
Working height 940mm 940mm 990mm
Flat bar – max thickness 200 x 15mm 200 x 20mm 200 x 20mm
Flat bar – max width 300 x 13mm 300 x 15mm 300 x 15mm
Angle flange trim 80 x 10 80 x 10 80 x 10
Working height 940mm 940mm 940mm
Angle Cutting
90 Degree cut 100 x 10 120 x 12 120 x 12
45 Degree mitre max 45 degrees 70 x 6 80 x 8 80 x 8
Working height 1140mm 1140mm 1190mm
Section Cutting
Round / Square 35/30 40/35 40/35
Channel / Beam 102 x 51 102 / 51 102 / 51
Tee 76 x 10 76 x 10 76 x 10
Material thickness 10mm 10mm 12mm
Width – rectangular 42mm 42mm 42mm
Depth - rectangular 90mm 100mm 100mm
Depth - vee 60mm 60mm 60mm
Angle flange 90 x 10 100 x 10 100 x 12
Working height 940mm 940mm 990mm
Corner Notch
Maximum capacity 150 x 3 150 x 4 150 x 4
Tube Notch
Maximum diameter 60mm 60mm 60mm
Bar bending (max. capacity)
Sheet bending (max. capacity) 150 x 5 150 x 5 150 x 5
Bar bending on notch end 150 x 12 150 x 12 150 x 12
Notch Station Punching
Throat depth 110mm 110mm 110mm
Maximum capacity 18 x 12 20 x 12 24 x 12
Technical Data
Motor power 3.7Kw 4Kw 5.5Kw
Net weight 1245kg 1250kg 1250kg
Dimensions: LxWxH 152x59x170cm 152x59x170cm 152x59x170cm



Universal bolster for punching flat bar, angle iron and the flange of channel and/or beam
Punching upto 38mm in the standard execution
Optional large hole attachment for punching utp to 110mm diameter
Heavy duty support table on the punch, shear and the notch station fitted as standard with the same working height
Inch mode and adjustable stroke on every station
Unique 'Z' aperture enables the cutting of angle iron in every angle, varying from 45 degrees upto 90 degrees both internal and external (both flanges)
Cutting flanges from large sized angle iron can be mitre cut with the shear (see capabilities)
Extensive range of applications - tube notching, bending, bar end cropping, special shape punching
Rectangular and triangular notching applications.  The notching station can be transformed into a secondary unching station
Extended safety features as standard
Centralised lubrication
High quality interchangeable bearings, brand name seals and valves available from stockists
Machine with low maintenance requirements
Single phase execution available on C50 & C65
Possibility to use tooling from other brand names (adaptors maybe required but are available)

Kingsland Compact Hydraulic Steelworkers


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