Delta Model Maxi 2000 / 750 Travelling Column Surface Grinder


Travelling column with stabilised Meehanite cast iron structure. All the machine axes feature full grip hydrostatic slideways along the entire travel. The spindle line has a Mackensen hydrodynamic bearing on the front and a pair of pre-loaded precision ball bearings on the rear. DELTA MAXI Series travelling column grinding machines are available in 9 models with grindable surfaces from 1200 x 750mm to 3000 x 1100mm with 2 different levels of automation: – NC or CNC.


Working Capacity
max. grinding length 2000mm
max. grinding width (with a 76 mm wheel) 750mm
max. grinding width (with a 100 mm wheel) 775mm
max. Distance from table plane to spindle axis 900mm
Table – X Axis
table length 2000mm
table width 600mm
T- slots available 4
T-slot width 18 mm
T-slots centre distance 125 mm
working speed range (infinitely variable) 0÷40m/min
max. travel distance 2300mm
max. admissible load 3000kg
Column –  Y Axis
max. travel distance 675mm
working speed range (infinitely variable) 0÷4 m/min
min. programmable increment 0.001mm
Wheelhead - Z Axis
spindle speed (50 Hz) 1450rpm
spindle speed range (infinitely variable) 1000÷2000rpm
            with digital inverter option
max. speed 1.5m/min
min. programmable increment 0.001 m
Grinding Wheel
Standard wheel dimensions  (ODxWxBD) 400 x 76 x 127mm
wheel recess dimensions (both sides) 220 x 10/15mm
Max. wheel dimensions (ODxWxBD) 400 x 100 x 127mm
wheel recess dimensions (both sides) 220 x 20/30mm
Spindle Motor ~ Installed Power 18.5kW
Hydraulic Motor ~ Installed Power 7.5kW
Machine Weight ~ approximate net weight of the machine 11500kg
Machine Voltage ~Standard machine voltage 400V / 3 phase / 50 Hz + neutral + ground
Machine Colour ~Standard machine colour RAL 5018 (turquoise) and 7032 (light grey)

Standard Features

Standard grinding wheel (400 x 76 x 127-220 x 10/15 mm)
Wheel holder flange
Wheel locking nut
Wheel extractor
Balancer crankshaft
Over the wheel dressing system (excluding diamond)
Table mounted single point dressing attachment (excluding diamond)
Full machine guarding enclosure
Set of tools
Set of documentation (in English) including:
Instructions Book, Test Certificate (according to ISO 1986 standard), CE Conformity Declaration
Hydraulic unit (excluding hydraulic oil)
Heat exchanger unit for hydraulic unit
Compact Plus NC fully automatic unit
Electrical cabinet

Travelling Column 
with stabilised Meehanite cast-iron structure: With the travelling column, the wheel head is fully supported.

  • maximum rigidity
  • removes a large amount of material
  • flatness guaranteed

Hydrostatic support for all axes with full grip slideways. All the machine axles feature full grip hydrostatic slideways; therefore, the table always rests on the basement for the entire longitudinal travel; the same criterion applies to the column and the wheelhead. This involves:

  • absence of anti-friction material (turcite)
  • zero friction (optimal exploitation of the installed power)
  • zero wear (geometry guaranteed for a long period of time)
  • No stick-slip. Extremely smooth movements

The proof? Pressing the table with one finger is all it takes to move considerable loads. See the videos...

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